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SKF RKS.921150303001 crossed roller slewing bearing

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SKF RKS.921150303001 crossed roller slewing bearing, external gear teeth, size 233*403.5*55mm

SKF RKS.921150303001 crossed roller slewing bearing

Structure: crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing with external gear teeth, with mounting holes on inner and outer rings

Size: 233*403.5*55mm

Application: cranes, access platforms, bucket wheel excavators, conveyor booms, indexing tables, ladle turrets, robots, railway bogies, rotary platforms, solar mirrors, tunnel boring machines, wind turbines, etc.

RKS.921150303001 cross roller slewing bearingSKF RKS.921150303001 slewing ring bearings for cranes

SKF RKS.921150303001 bearing structure

Customized slewing bearing available, please contact us ( for details

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